5 Of Our Most Requested Easy Recipes

I Could Not Go On Without These Life-Saving Recipes!

If you’re a working mother of four and you claim to love complex, exotic recipes that require a lot of preparation, I’m calling you a liar! Ok, maybe that was a little harsh – but I’m finding it extremely hard to believe you’d want to spend all that time on your weeknight meals, on top of everything that it takes to manage a 6-person household. I sure know I couldn’t do it! That’s why I’m in love with these 5 easy recipes.

Whether it’s a dessert, a salad or a casserole you’re looking to make, you’ll find it right here. These are some of our most popular recipes this year, and I completely understand why. They’re easy on your wallet, they’re super delicious and they are very simple to make. You don’t have to be a chef to put these together, and you could even have your kids to help you prepare these.

I made this first one the other night and I wish I had made a double batch… It was totally scrumptious and even my picky eater practically licked his plate clean. I’m definitely going to be making it again soon!

Quick Tip: Prepare a weekly meal plan ahead – it’s so much easier to go shopping when you already know what to get!


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