If You’re Feeling Motion Sickness, Here’s 5 Things You Can Do to Relieve it

Everyone has dealt with motion sickness. Whether it’s your first time on a moving boat, your 10th time in a flying plane, or your 100th time in a moving vehicle, you’re always at risk of having motion sickness.


A loss of your center of gravity that may lead you to feel sick and have the need to vomit.

Yes, there are medications such as Dramamine that can relieve you of motion sickness, but what if you forget to bring it with you? Does that mean that it is inevitable that you will deal with motion sickness? Not necessarily.

Here are 5 ways to relieve motion sickness on your own!

1)  Focus on a fixed point, like the horizon.

While everything is moving around you, it is best to focus on something that is not moving, like any fixed point. While you’re in a car, boat, or plane, it is good to look into the horizon. The horizon never moves nor changes direction, so by staring right at it, you feel less like you are actually moving. This is a great way to relieve motion sickness.

2) Do NOT read or look down at your phone.

If you look at something stationary, such as book or cell phone, or even the bottom of your feet while looking down, that could cause motion sickness. This is because while you are looking at something not moving, your ears are hearing either the sounds of a moving car, or waves near a moving boat, which throws off your equilibrium. Avoid this!

3) Breath consistently and control your breathing.

By focusing on your breathing, making sure to inhale fully, then exhale fully, you will take in good amounts of oxygen into your body. This will reduce the feeling of nausea in your stomach, and ultimately reduce the feelings of motion sickness.

4) Drink a good amount of water.

It is best to drink a good amount of water, not an excessive amount of water. Drinking water consistently throughout your trip will keep you hydrated, which is a necessity in order to not have motion sickness. Dehydration is a main factor in motion sickness. 

5) Have a taste of ginger in any form available.

You can have ginger in my forms, such as by eating a ginger cookie or adding a tablespoon of ginger to a cup of tea. All these ways will help reduce many of the symptoms of motion sickness, and help you avoid drowsiness. Ginger contains both gingerols and shogaols, which help relieve nausea by relaxing your intestines.

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