Reduce The NEGATIVE ENERGY From Your Home Only With 3 Green Lemons !

Negative energies in your home can affect relationships between close family members and affect your health, which is why they need to be eliminated sooner rather than later. Today we’re going to show you how to use green lemons to neutralize negative energy in your home and restore the feeling of prosperity and harmony. Lemons are beneficial not only for your health and beauty, but also from an energy point of view. Their unique aroma is perfect for your home and will completely eliminate the bad vibes that may reside in your house.

The easiest way to do this is to put 3 lemons around your house and throw them when they turn black. In this way you’ll know that they have absorbed the negative energies. Another option is to boil a lemon in rainwater and place it in the room you think the negative energies are present in, or wear one in your purse as an amulet to protect yourself from bad vibes.

Put 9 lemons in a ceramic bowl near the fridge, or 3 lemons in your desk at work to deter negative energies. Putting 3 lemons in a bowl on your nightstand is also a good idea if you’re having problems sleeping.

The best lemon method against negative energies is to cut a lemon in 4 parts and form a cross on a plate. Put some salt in a circle around the lemons and leave the plate below your bed. In the morning, put the plate and lemons and throw it away to get rid of the negative vibes.

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