6 Natural Ways to Reduce Deep Wrinkles on Face (including those terrible ’11’ lines between your eyes)

For most of us, wrinkles are just a part of natural aging.

However, according to Web MD, there are other contributors as well. Those deep “11” wrinkles that form on your forehead and the branch-like creases near the eyes become more prominent by habitual muscle contractions. Smiling, frowning, and squinting can make them more noticeable. Other things such as sun exposure, skin care, and heredity can also play a role in development.
While wrinkles can be proof of a life well lived, many of us want to limit just how obvious that evidence is. If you are looking to soften and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, read on for a few natural remedies.

1. Facial Aerobics
Facial aerobics have been proven to increase blood flow to the skin and stretch out your face to reduce lines formed by repetitive facial movements. An article from Genius Beauty suggests completing the following exercise 15 minutes per day:
Exercise 1: Stretch your mouth out in a closed smiling position. Hold the pose for 2 seconds
Exercise 2: Make a prominent kissing face where your mouth is nearly touching your nose. Hold for 2 seconds.
Exercise 3: Pull your lips forward and downward holding for 2 seconds.
Repeat this cycle 20 times to stretch and strengthen your facial muscles. This targets deep lines around the mouth.

2. Massage
Who doesn’t love a great massage? The circulation motion helps to keep proper circulation which in turn leads to strengthened and tightened skin. Simply massage your face in slow circular motions. Take care massage your most troubled areas including your neck. The improved blood flow will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent the development of new ones.

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