From ancient times, people watched the palm and tried to prophesy fate. We are in awe of our hands, and wet palms give us a shave and we are nervous. Our hands do not know they are lying and they are much more honest than ourselves. They can reveal something about our love. We reveal to you how! Connect your palms, find the line of love and find out the truth!

Find the line of love on your palm

This line is at the very top of the palm. Place the palms side by side, pay attention to their position, and then check what their meaning is.

  1. Lines are at the same level

If your love partner’s hands are in the same level, you are lucky: he is a material for a long relationship and has serious intentions. He is rude and does not like sudden changes in his life. He is a sensitive person of gentle character, who cares about the opinions of other people.

  1. The line of love is lower on the left palm

This person prefers older partners and is wise for her age. It is devoted to love, romantic and will not comply with social norms. He listens to his sixth sense, which he rarely misses.

  1. The line of love is higher on the left palm

This person is not in a hurry to engage in a serious relationship and does not consider that happiness depends on love. But when it finally decides to choose a life partner, it will be a person younger than it or another nationality. A person with such love lines likes his eyes. It is self-confident, determined and independent, and easily overcomes all difficulties.

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