Possible Signs Which Are Warning You of Cancer and Which Are Usually Ignored!

Experts constantly emphasize crucial meaning of paying attention to signs and symptoms that indicate undiagnosed cancer.

Chances of treating it are bigger if detected in early stages. Despite the fact of pointing to cancer, following signs mustn’t be ignored.

200 and more different cancer types exist. Some of most usual cancers are prostate, breast, bladder, pancreatic, ovarian, colorectal, lung, kidney  and endometrial cancers. Leukemia and melanoma common as well.

Because of late diagnosis in advanced stages majority of these cancers have pretty low survival rate.

  1. Sudden weight loss

Sudden loss of weight – solid tumors like lung and breast cancer. Weight loss comes as cancer goes to the liver, weakening its function, which regulates the appetite and remove toxins. Loss of weight may also point to digestive cancers- colon cancer.

Sudden loss of weight is so usual that:

  • 40 % of cancer patients have sudden weight loss when they are diagnosed
  • 80 % of patients which are in advanced stages have sudden weight loss
  1. Constant infections or fevers

Despite that fever might just be sign of infection, prolonged or persistent fever may indicate cancer, like lymphoma.Leukemia- blood cells cancer can show symptoms as fevers, aches, infections, fatigue symptoms which are flue-like.

  1. Exhaustion and weakness

If fatigue and weakness does not reduce after getting some sleep, immediately consult a doctor.

  1. Being out of breath or wheezing

These can be generated due number of conditions, also are related to lung cancer. Tumor in the lungs, if present it presses and narrows the airway, and that is causing wheezing.

  1. Pain in the chest and constant cough

Lung tumors or leukemia can mimic of a cough or bronchitis. The nuisance might happen repeatedly. Also, there can be a pain in the chest which extends in shoulder or stretching towards arm.

If voice is hoarse or cough exists for a longer period, especially if one is smoker or you used to be one, must visit doctor. This can be an indication of lung, laryngeal, esophageal or thyroid cancer.

  1. Bloating

Sudden abdominal bloating really can be indication of ovarian cancer, if accompanied by swollen abdomen and pelvic pain.

  1. Constant heartburn

Generally, sign of acid reflux disease is connected to esophageal cancer or also Barrett’s esophagus.

  1. Bowel issues

Change in the bowel movements lasting for a month or longer without  obvious reason for that, may indicate bowel cancer, particularly in older people.

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