You’ve Been Pooping Wrong Your Entire Life And You Don’t Even Know About It

Scientists have conclusively discovered the correct way the body should be positioned when going number two, and it goes against everything most toilets are designed for.

Here is the correct way you should be sitting on the john.

#1 You Think You’re Pooping Right?

#1 You Think You're Pooping Right?

From the moment our potty training is complete we think we know everything about sitting on the toilet.

#2 The Modern Toilet Is Wrong

#2 The Modern Toilet Is Wrong

As it turns out, simply sitting on a toilet does more to inhibit the flow of feces than anything else. Toilets, it seems, have been designed all wrong.

#3 The Scientific Explanation

#3 The Scientific Explanation

Apparently, Stanford University has a Pelvic Floor Clinic that studies this exact thing and their research is anything but crappy. Studies show the body should be squatting rather than sitting.

#4 The Problem With Pooping

When we sit on the toilet, the colon is not in the proper position and can lead to colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulosis, hernias, and hemorrhoids.

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