Lowe’s Picnic Table Makeover!

Hello Summer! Warm Weather and sitting outdoors enjoying company is the best! So I have to head into town to get my yard pretty! I was at my local Lowe’s scouting out flowers and picking up supplies when I ran across a 6ft preassembled pine picnic table. All I could see was a blank canvas. I wanted to create something that would be a great conversation piece, something that people would automatically ask, “where did you get that”?

Here it is. It’s 6ft long and 59in wide. I sanded the whole table. The top and underneath, everything to make sure all splinters and such were gone. I sanded with an orbital sander and used 60grit all over and then finished the table and top seats with 150 grit I used Miniwax, espresso wipe on stain.

My plan was to draw a sunflower on the top and some sunflowers with butterflies, bees and a hummingbird on the benches.


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