Pepperoni Manicotti Italian Casserole: It’s Pretty Darn Good

My husband and I are planning to have a little makeover for the house. The twins’ bedroom wallpaper of flowers and bees have to go. They’re a bit older for those now. We planned it last year, but we got a bit busy with other things. We’re not the type of parents who will hire someone to do something that we both can do. In fact, when I found out I was pregnant, the two of us were the ones who decorated the nursery for the twins. A few nights ago, over the dinner of the tastiest Italian casserole recipe, we finally decided on our game plan.
This time, we wanted the wallpaper gone in the boys’ room. We planned to replace it with light blue paint. We also planned on replacing the beds of the twins as they are a bit worn out. Our sons had that phase wherein they just wanted to jump on their beds when the parents weren’t looking.

We were both so concentrated on our plans that we didn’t notice we almost finished the small baking dish of the Italian casserole. Okay, I only have our stomachs to blame for that.
My husband can’t get enough of this Italian casserole dish. I must have made it for about six times in one month just because he kept craving for it. He said he loves the meatiness and cheesiness of the dish and it’s his dream dish that he will never get over for a long time. This Italian casserole recipe is too good and too tasty!

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