Parents Give Her Enormous ‘Present’ for Graduation. But Watch Her Fall to Ground after She Opens It

If you have a sister, you have likely been blessed with one of the most incredible relationships that there is.

Not everyone can describe their relationships with their sisters in such a positive light. But, for those who can, it is hard to imagine going through life without sisters!

Adult sisters often reflect back on their childhood years spent together. They might think back to sharing rooms and secrets, playing imagery games and sports together, making up silly dances and handshakes, and even arguing over clothes.


This youthful bond often deepens and strengthens over time. Time, however, also changes the dynamics of the relationship. Adulthood pulls sisters in difference directions and physical locations.

Brittany and Tami Norton are sisters who have been blessed with a positive relationship. Even though they did not live in the same state during childhood, they still share a close-knit bond.


They are so close that their absence at any of each other’s big milestone events and celebrations would be certainly noticed and upsetting. Christmas 2016 was the last time these sisters would see each other until Tami’s high school graduation ceremony.

At least, that was what Tami believed. Tami’s graduation party was going to be held a few days prior to the ceremony.

Her older sister, Brittany, lives several states away. Tami would miss her sister being present at her party, but was happy that she would at least make it to the ceremony.

Tim Norton wanted to help Brittany pull off the ultimate high school graduation gift for her sister in the form of a super surprise. Brittany’s present would be her unexpected presence at Tami’s party.

Brittany and her boyfriend planned to hide themselves in a huge, wrapped gift box. Tim Norton commented on his YouTube channel, “I spent a few hours calling around town to find a box big enough to “fit 2 bodies in”. Yes, I was being silly.”

He found a giant gun safe box from Murdoch’s that met the requirements of his odd request. It is clear in the video of Tami opening up her enormous graduation present that she never expected to see her sister pop out and hug her!

In shock, Tami launched herself at an elated Brittany, then fell to the ground in a pile of happy giggles and hugs. Many sisters who have seen this clip can relate to the unique bond of sisters exemplified in this heartwarming video.

What would you do if your long, lost sibling popped out of a gift box? Let us know in the comments.

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