Pain Shoots up Arm, Knows Shes’s in Trouble. Flight Attendant Makes Urgent Plea for Help

A medical professional is never really off the clock. It is never known when an emergency could occur and a doctor or nurse will be needed.

Courtney Donlon was on the second leg of a flight from Las Vegas to New Jersey when she heard the flight attendant make an announcement. She had gone on a trip with two of her girlfriends and was asleep in her seat when she awoke to a desperate plea coming over the loudspeaker.


A 57-year-old woman on the flight was experiencing shooting pain up and down her arm, and the flight crew was looking for a medical professional. As a nurse, Donlon found herself standing and walking toward the flight attendant.

The 22-year-old nurse was led to the ill woman and began doing what she does best. Donlon immediately could tell that the woman was showing signs of cardiac arrest.

Donlon had to make do with the items that were on the plane. She directed the flight attendant to get oxygen and a defibrillator.

Donlan then remembered a life-saving trick. She had the flight attendant find some aspirin, which can work as a blood thinner in the case of cardiac arrest.

The young nurse stayed in contact with the pilot throughout the whole ordeal, and informed him when she decided that the plane needed to make an emergency landing. Upon landing in South Carolina, the woman was taken to a hospital to receive further treatment.

The flight crew was so grateful for Donlon’s help that they treated her and her friends to champagne once they were back in the air. Donlon was just happy she was in the right place at the right time.

With only eight months of experience, Donlan showed great composure and leadership during the scare. Donlan’s mom and sister are also nurses, and are very proud of what she did to help the sick woman.

“She jumped up, got into the zone and did what she had to do,” said Donlan’s sister, Nicholle Black. Her quick actions quite possibly saved a life.

I think that we can all feel at ease, knowing that many among us are experienced medical professionals ready and able to help. Those who are willing to jump in at a moments notice deserve the utmost respect.

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