She Thinks The Bottle She’s About To Drink Is Filled With Dirty Water. Then, She Realizes What Day It Is

A London-based company wanted every British citizen to rethink their everyday bottled water consumption. Read on for more details!

March 23 celebrates the National Puppy Day. Yesterday, however, was the World Water Day. Now, one might wonder why a day of water should follow right after  literally the official day of cuteness, but an average of 663 million people all over the world do not have any access to potable and clean water.

That’s why World Water Day matters. National Puppy Day matters, too. Puppies are very important to the survival of the humankind. But, so is water. And One Water, a company based in London, released a water bottle that looked as if the water was fetched from a muddy river.

It turned out that the color was actually from the plastic itself and not the water. One Water wanted to remind everyone who lives in the first-world country about their privilege of drinking clean water.

One Water/Metro

Duncan Goose, founder of One Water, said that his goal with this new edition of water bottles is to make the world a better place.

Goose said, “I wanted to turn this into a force for good, a source of funds that benefits the billions of people worldwide who don’t have a reliable clean water source.

“It seems counter-intuitive to be trying to sell a bottle of water that looks dirty, but we think it’s a useful moment of reflection in our busy days and an opportunity to support a business that pours its profits into clean water for everyone rather than into the bank accounts of corporations.”

Michela Miletto of United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization said in a statement in 2015, “Landmark events like World Water Day remind us of the importance of having access to sufficient clean and safe water. It is a human right to have such water. But how many people enjoy this right? How many women and girls lose out on such a ‘luxury’?”

The brown versions of the new water bottles are now being released to major supermarkets in London and other major British cities.

One Water bottles are also available at Starbucks. According to Metro, Britain drinks about 4.8 billion liters of bottled water every year.

Hopefully, this new bottle can inspire or remind everyone to check their privilege and realize how lucky they really are with the easy access of resources.

World Water Day is a great way to start a new perspective. Hopefully, one won’t be so quick to forget about it once the puppies start to enter the screen.

Source: One Water/Metro

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