One Month Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You – Here Are The 6 Signs

Heart attack is one of the major causes of death in America. It is important to recognize the symptoms, and prevent it.

Experts say that heart attacks in America are caused by poor dietary habits and unhealthy lifestyle. Stress may also contribute to this ailment.

The first thing you need to do is address your stress. Do something about your lifestyle. So, if you learn how to recognize the key symptoms you may save yours or someone’s life.

  • Body weakness

Narrowed arteries affect blood flow and circulation, which makes you feel week. This is one of the first thing you will notice in cases of heart attack.

  • Cold sweat and dizziness

Poor circulation means that the body gets less blood. This causes cold sweating and dizziness, which warns you that your body is having a problem. You will also feel unwell and clammy, and your brain will fail to perform its function properly. These symptoms are usually followed by other signs that indicate a clear possibility that there is a heart attack coming your way.

  • Chest pressure

Chest pain and pressure is one of the most common symptoms of heart attack. The pressure will increase as the potential heart attack gets closer. The pain is likely to affect other parts of the body, including your back, arms, and shoulders.

  • Cold or flu

Some heart attach survivors remember of having cold or flu right before their heart attack. Keep this in mind, because most people are unable to address their problem.

  • Fatigue

Constant fatigue is also caused by the poor flow of blood to the heart. Narrowed arteries are the reason your heart gets less blood and works too hard. So, if you are dealing with fatigue, you better consult your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Shortness of breath

Narrowed arteries and low blood flow are also the reason you lose your breath. It means that your lungs do not get enough blood flow. Remember, your lungs and heart work in a synergy, so if one of them does not carry its function properly, the other will fail in doing so, too. This is why shortness of breath is one of the major signs of heart attack.

These symptoms will help you prevent a heart attack. Consider avoiding stressful situations, improve your lifestyle quality, and you will be safe from a heart attack.


Check the video below to understand what actually happens when a person suffers a heart attack.


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