Never Reheat These 7 Foods! They Can Poison Your Family!

Warming up food from previous night’s dinner is becoming a habit for many people, with some of them reheating the food up to three times!

However, not all foods are safe for consumption after reheating. There are some foods that are not affected by this process, and food that can cause problems in our body when reheated.

Sadly, only a small number of people are aware of this fact. Some foods lose their nutritional value when they are reheated. This article presents seven foods that should never be warmed up and consumed.


Spinach must never be warmed up, experts warn. This vegetable must be consumed after preparation, as it contains nitrates that are turned to nitrites when they are warmed. In simpler terms, spinach can become dangerous if reheated.


Celery is a vegetable often used in soups, but it is also full of nitrates that can turn into nitrites when they are warmed like the spinach. If you are warming up the soup from yesterday, make sure that you get the celery out first. Carrots act similarly, so take them out before reheating too.


The nitrate content of beets is useful to our body, but they should never be reheated if you want to preserve your health.


Potatoes can improve and preserve our health, but must never be warmed up as they lose their nutritional value and healing properties. If reheated, they will cause damage to the system.


If exposed to high temperatures while you warm them, eggs can be highly deadly. Using eggs after cooking them is useful, but very harmful if you reheat them the next day.


Chicken meat is delicious, but you must eat it right after preparation. Reheat it the next day, and the protein structure changes lead to digestive issues. Chicken contains more protein than red meat, and it’s advised to consume it cold. If you reheat it, at least warm it on very low temperature over a longer period of time.


Reheated mushrooms can have negative effects on the overall health. Eat them fresh or right after preparation to benefit from them, but if you want to eat them at a later time, don’t ever reheat them. This can lead to serious heart and digestive troubles.


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