He Wants To Make Some Chocolate Milk, So He Buys Nesquik. But When He Opens It, He Spot Something Strange. That’s When He Calls The Cops

A man from Spain bought a can of Nesquik chocolate powder from the supermarket. When he got home, he realized that the can was already.

A man from Zaragoza, Spain was getting some groceries and decided to purchase a can of Nesquik, a popular chocolate powder that’s available anywhere except USA.

When he got home, he noticed that the Nesquik he bought was already been slightly opened. When the man look at what’s inside, he found a packet of 250 grams of the Class A narcotic called cocaine, the Mirror reports.

The man, of course, wasn’t named. Neither he nor the police want the drug mafia to come after him. The price of the coke packet was estimated to be almost $14,000.

This would mean that the drug dealer who failed with this tactic would have to think of another strategy to deliver his blow.

The man called the police as soon as he saw the package. The police confirmed that it was definitely snow.

According to Mirror, Spain’s National Police had already started an investigation. Nestle, the company behind Nesquik, confirmed that the factory where they manufacture the product assures that the cans are properly sealed.

The Nesquik can was then assumed to be tampered with the nose candy at the market.

The surveillance camera at the store, however, proved to be not helpful in solving the case. Not one person was spending a suspicious amount of time in the aisle where the Nesquik is. Therefore, the police didn’t discover any potential suspect.

Meanwhile, the man is attempting to sue the supermarket where he accidentally bought the Nesquik filled with a pack of cocaine inside. He said that the incident caused ‘moral damage’ on him. He’s also concerned that drug dealers may target him after this.

Although the story easily spread all across Spain, the man remained to be unnamed by law officials.

Francisco Javier Acin, the man’s lawyer, told Spanish newspaper El Mundo that his client experienced some sort of “lack of empathy” regarding the incident.

Blow is normally produced in Latin America—mainly Colombia. Since Spain is closely connected to that continent, the country would be a reasonable entry of the drug to Europe.

This wasn’t the first time that cocaine was found in strange mules. Packages of stash was found inside pineapples, crates of bananas, and frozen chickens, according to Mirror.

Last month, Mirror said that two tons of coke was retrieved from inside packages of asparagus in Peru. There was also $70,000 worth of cash inside. Police had arrested a Serbian man and four Peruvians who were main suspects of illegal production and distribution of drugs in gourmet food businesses.



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