Many people believe that it is possible to restore the virginity in women.

This is not scientifically proven, however it is believed that several home remedies can do that for you. Also, here are a few helpful and natural ways to try in order to become a virgin one again.


Become a Virgin Again

  • If you are not fond of using fruits and herbs that must be made into paste before you apply them, then this is the solution for you. Try using witch hazel, make a powder out of it, and wash your genitals with it so as to tighten them.
  • Black cohoshis another alternative for witch hazel. Dry the herb in the sun, make a powder of it by grinding it, and wash the vagina with it.
  • Try gooseberries because they are abundant in vitamin C, and can tighten your vagina. Just boil the gooseberries and store them in the fridge. You need to apply to your intimate parts before taking a bath.
  • Oak gall can be helpful too. With this Thai herb you should make a paste and apply it to the vaginal walls in order to tighten them.
  • Curcuma Comosacan also strengthen the walls of your vagina and uterus. It doesn’t matter if you apply it as a paste or you take it internally, it works either way.
  • Pueraria Mirificais the next on the list. Although it’s known for its power to enlarge the breasts, Pueraria Mirifica also has properties that can tighten the intimate parts.
  • This herb will not only tighten, but it will also revive the intimate parts. It’s the famous Aloe Vera. Simply take the gel from one leaf and apply it to your genitals.

We hope that some of these remedies and herbs will be of assistance.


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