Natural remedies to soothe a toothache

toothache can cause excruciating pain like no other ailment. It can be brought on by tooth decay, gum disease, cracked teeth, abscesses or even some sinus conditions. Not only can a toothache be painfully localized to one area of your mouth, but it can also permeate toward your ears, neck and head. You will certainly want to find some relief.

However, if you are unable to go to a dentist, or perhaps you just prefer natural remedies, you may not know where to start. Here’s a look at some easy ways to treat a toothache at home
Clove Oil
Clove oil is a natural anesthetic, which means that it numbs the skin it comes into contact with. This can be a great source for temporary pain relief for cavities and abscessed teeth. To use, just apply directly to the area that hurts, and almost instantaneously you will get relief. While it is effective, it won’t last. Unfortunately, the pain will return in a few minutes after application. 
Salt-and-Pepper Paste
A YouTube video posted by Top 10 Home Remedies shows how you can make a salt-and-pepper paste to help with mouth pain. Simply combine equal amounts of ground pepper and salt with a small amount of water to create a paste. Apply the paste directly to the infected area. This will help reduce pain and swelling. 
Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse
Some people opt for the antibacterial properties of hydrogen peroxide. To use, simply create a mixture of equal parts of water and peroxide. Swish around your mouth for a few seconds. You can repeat this method up to three times. While it is true that peroxide can cleanse an infected wound, an article posted by Arizona Family Dental warns against potential side effects. Hydrogen peroxide can cause stomach issues if it is swallowed, and if there is not enough water in the mixture, it can burn your mouth. 
Garlic can work similarly to an antibiotic by attacking the bacteria that hangs out in your mouth. You can use garlic by mashing it and creating a paste or simply chewing a clove. While it won’t make you smell like a rose, it will temporarily reduce pain in minor toothaches. 
You can use ice to temporarily numb the pain associated with a toothache. Place an ice pack on the side of your face that hurts, or hold an ice cube directly on the troubled area. If you are able, you can even sip ice-cold water to help soothe the pain. 
Sometimes fillings break away or loosen at the most inconvenient times—such as when a dentist office is closed! An article in Reader’s Digest describes how you can use gum for a short-term fix for a cracked or loose filling. Place the softened gum over the area that needs protection, and it will act as a temporary filling until you can get it fixed. 
Salt Rinse
Don’t underestimate the healing ability of a simple salt rinse. Combine a few teaspoons of salt with a glass of water and swish around your mouth for several seconds. Not only will the salt promote faster healing, but it will also keep the area cleaned out and reduce the likeliness of infection. 
Bourbon-Soaked Cotton Ball
Some people turn to alcohol when trying to numb a bothered tooth. While alcohol certainly can reduce pain, there are a few things to remember about this method. Arizona Family Dental reminds us that even though the amount of alcohol is small, it can cause severe reactions in children, including seizures and vomiting. 
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