Native American Zodiac Signs.

Native Americans have always been close with the Earth and the creatures it inhibits. They believe that when born, each person has their own totem or a spiritual animal which protects and guides them through life. The totem is conditioned by the birth date. Moreover, it reveals a lot about the personality and the other aspects of life. Let’s take a look:

Otter-Jan 20-Feb 18

Usually, this individual is unorthodox and quirky, which makes them hard to figure out at times. They’re often considered as unconventional; however, their methods are quite effective. These people have an unusual way of looking at things, but they have an abundance of imagination and intelligence which allows them to be very perceptive and intuitive. They’re good friends and very attentive, sympathetic, honest, and brave. Their negative side is that they can often be rebellious, isolated, and lewd.

Wolf-Feb 19-Mar 20

These individuals are very emotional and passionate. According to them, all we need is love and they are fully capable of giving it. The wolf is in constant need of his/her freedom; however, they maintain their gentleness and compassion at all times. When they are in a nurturing surrounding, they are generous and affectionate. Their negative side is that they can become obsessive, vindictive, and impractical.

Falcon-Mar 21-Apr 19

One thing’s for sure, the falcon is born to lead and they always have a clear judgment in times of need. These people never waste time and take action when it’s needed. They are characterized by persistence and initiative, and they’re the person you need for a project or a team sport. At times, they may appear a bit arrogant, but they’re usually right in their opinions. When the falcon is in a nurturing environment, he/she is able to be passionate and fiery in a relationship and maintain their compassion. However, when they’re not in an appropriate surrounding, they can become vain, rude, impatient, and over-sensitive.

Beaver-Apr 20-May 20

The motto of the beavers is to take charge, adapt, and overcome. They always get the job done with 100% efficiency. Cunning and strategic, they have a high sense of business and combat. They also have a very sharp mind. Although they’re usually right, they may need to improve their tact. In an adequate surrounding, they’re compassionate, helpful, and loyal, whereas their bad side is that they can sometimes act cowardly, possessively, arrogantly, and nervously.

Deer-May 21-Jun 20

This individual possesses quick-wits and a tailor-made humor. They can make everyone laugh. Their ability for vocalizing combined with their natural intelligence makes them the must-have guest at parties. Aware of their surroundings and their appearance, the deer can be viewed as narcissistic at times. In a nurturing environment, their liveliness radiates even more; however, when left to their own devices, they can easily become selfish, moody, lazy, and two-faced.

Woodepecker-Jun 21-Jul 21

These individuals are very good listeners, empathetic, and understanding. They make wonderful parents, friends, and partners. They’re very resourceful and organized and are the person you need by your side to support you. However, their negative side is that they can easily become possessive, jealous, and angry.

Salmon-Jul 22-Aug 21

Being a natural motivator, these people are electric, focused, and highly intuitive. They radiate with confidence and enthusiasm which is infectious- people tend to agree with almost everything they propose. They have a lot of friends because they’re very intelligent and generous. They have a need for purpose and goals and they’re stable, calm, giving, and sensual. Their bad side is that they can sometimes be very egoistical, vulgar, and intolerant of others.

Bear-Aug 22-Sep 21

These individuals are very practical and steady. They make great business partners who are the voice of reason. They are big-hearted and very generous. At times, they are a bit shy and modest. They make good teachers and mentors because they have a lot of patience and temperance. When found in an inadequate surrounding, they can easily become skeptical, small minded, and reclusive.

Raven-Sep 22-Oct 22

They are very enthusiastic and charming and their energy is recognized by everyone. They’re the ones you need for new ideas and opinions. Usually, this is a result of their idealistic and diplomatic approach to life. They’re easy-going, romantic, and patient. However, they can sometimes be demanding and vindictive.

Snake-Oct 23-Nov 22

Snakes make great spiritual leaders with healing capacities. Often times, these people excel in medical professions. They can often be viewed as mysterious and a bit frightening. Although this is true, and they appear a bit secretive, they’re highly sensitive, caring, humorous, helpful, and passionate. However, when they’re left to their own devices, they can become violent and moody.

Owl-Nov 23-Dec 21

They are very changeable and mutable individuals with a warm and natural nature. They are reckless, careless, and thoughtless and the best professions for them are artists and teachers. But, because they’re very adaptable, they can easily become successful in any other field. They’re usually sensitive and very good listeners. Their negative characteristics are bitterness and exaggeration.

Goose-Dec 22-Jan 19

These people always get things done because of their ambition and perseverance. They succeed not because for other people’s approval, but for their own satisfaction. They’re great in business and competitive sports. When found in a supportive environment, they excel at the things they try. They’re also very humorous, passionate, and sensual. Their negative side is obsession and addictive behavior.