Mosquitoes won’t leave you alone? Here’s why bugs are attracted to you more than others

Now that summer is almost here and we are finally ready to shed that cabin fever and start enjoying ourselves outdoors again, it is time to examine our relationship with mosquitoes, since they will be showing up before we know it. These pests have a reputation that precedes them, but why can’t they just leave us alone?

For starters, only female mosquitoes bite and there are only a small fraction of species who will cause you any sort of difficulty. As the weather conditions get warmer and they start to arrive in droves, their eggs hatch and they especially enjoy any location that has a proximity to water.

So what makes us so attractive to these pesky creatures? They have a sense of smell that is comparable to a shark’s and to that end, there are a few scents that make you particularly alluring to the mosquito, including natural body odor, bacteria, beer and even the clothes that you wear.

Carbon dioxide also plays a crucial role when it comes to drawing the mosquito closer to us. When we exhale, we expel a larger amount of carbon dioxide than usual and mosquitoes are able to smell our breath from up to 50 yards away, which attracts them even more.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep these pests at bay. It starts by keeping your grass trim and removing any stagnant water from your property. Shower regularly, so that you can clean off all the bacteria and sweat that is so attractive to the mosquito. Thick clothing can also help your cause immensely.

Bug repellents always help and should you happen to get bitten, ice and tea tree oil can be used to relieve the inevitable itchiness. While you are bound to have a few mosquito encounters this season, remaining safe and knowing more about their likes and dislikes can keep you from getting chewed to bits out there this summer.

Here’s how to make your own DIY safe bug repellent:

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