No One Can Figure Out If This Woman Is Joking About Eating Medium Rare Chicken

Like so many others, Morgan Jane Gibbs is kicking off her new year by going on a health kick and starting a new clean eating regimen. Unfortunately, her health kick isn’t as healthy as she might think.

One Australian woman, Morgan Jane Gibbs, has set high goals for herself in the new year. Like many other people all around the world, Gibbs has made a new year’s resolution to eat healthy and clean in 2017.

Just a few days ago, she shared one of her first, new healthy meals on her Facebook page. But it was not what anyone expected at all.

Gibbs shared a photo of chicken – a food that is actually considered a healthy, lean protein. But Gibbs’ plated chicken is barely cooked. She calls them “medium rare.”

Almost immediately, comments begin flooding in from friends and strangers who’ve seen the post.

Everyone tries to warn her against eating the dish, telling her it will cause her to contract salmonella from eating the raw meat.

Gibbs replies to some of these comments, encouraging some to try it and denying the likelihood of her getting salmonella. “its chicken not salmon?” she write in one of her responses.

Some people assumed from this response that Gibbs was simply playing a practical joke on everyone, but others are still more concerned, warning her that some people might actually take her seriously.

With all of this drama happening, people have discovered that there is a raw chicken dish that’s served in Japan – but the chicken for this dish are raised in a very specific environment to lower the risk of salmonella as much as possible.

For Gibbs, however, it’s hard to tell where she got her chicken – and if she’s joking or not.

What do you think? Is she joking or is she serious?

One thing we should all agree on though, is that no one should try making raw chicken at home.

Source: Morgan Jane Gibbs/Facebook

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