Toddler Walks Into Bathroom And Starts Screaming. Mom Is Horrified At What She Finds On The Toilet

A 4-year-old girl has been left in serious pain after two teenage girls thought it would be funny to smear superglue all over a toilet at McDonald’s. Keep reading for more details!

An angry mom is speaking out after her 4-year-old daughter became the victim of a cruel prank that two teenagers set up inside McDonald’s.

After looking through CCTV footage, investigators are searching for two teenage girls who thought it would be funny to smear superglue all over the toilet inside a McDonald’s restroom.

Little Kaya Langmead and her mother, Nicole, 24, were grabbing a quick bite to eat at the popular fast-food restaurant, when the vicious prank happened on New Year’s Eve.

Because Nicole had to keep an eye on her other daughter, 20-month-old Nuala, Kaya went inside the bathroom alone.

It wasn’t until she emerged a few minutes later that Nicole saw the tears streaming down her little girl’s face.

“She said something had hurt her bum, but it never crossed my mind it would be glue,” the outraged mom explained. “I thought maybe the seat had moved or something. But when we checked it over there was glue everywhere.”

What the two teens apparently viewed as a harmless prank ended up leaving Kaya in serious pain.

“She was left in tears and the skin was ripped off the back of her legs. I just don’t understand why anyone would do this,” Nicole said.

Once police reviewed the CCTV footage from the restaurant, they noted that the teenage suspects appeared to be about 16-years-old, one with long blonde hair and the other with shoulder-length brown hair.

Source: SWNS

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