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Unbelievably simple fool proof recipe! The cookies are light and tasty and dangerously addictive. I actually picked this recipe because my 8yr old niece wanted to cook something all on her own – no adult help. They turned out so good no own believed she did it by herself! Forget storing them, she barely had any to take home. They also take flavoring well just a tsp or three (to taste) of any extract does wonders. We like lemon, almond and vanilla.

I was looking for a recipe like my grandmother’s cornstarch lemon cookies that we always ate at Christmas. These cookies have the perfect consistency. I added the zest of one lemon, a capful of vanilla, and since I used unsalted butter, I added a pinch of salt. These are great! They’re not overly sweet, but grandma used to put a lemonjuice/confectioner’s sugar glaze on them, which would probably make them that extra bit sweeter and tangier. They probably won’t travel all that well, but this kind of cookie never does. But the texture is worth it! Thanks.

I have been making this recipe for years, my mother and her mother too. I read a comment that the shortbread was crumbly To avoid this make shortbread a week or two or three before you need it, store in a cool place to mellow this improve the flavour as well. I will be making my shortbread tomorrow and they will be perfect by Christmas. Once Christmas is over I freeze any shortbread that are left, and just take out what I need to thaw. These keep for several months in a tightly closed container. I drop teaspoons onto a cookies sheet I like the irregular shape but if I want to get fancy I add a little more flour use a cookie cutter to make stars or snowmen. I don’t frost these they don’t need it they are so delicate that it would over power them and they are shortbread not sugar cookies.

This is the best cookie. It melts in your mouth. Be warned this is a very soft cookie and crumbles easy. I added some lemon flavoring to it.

I recieved some Melting Moments in a Christmas cookie exchange last year and loved them. The texture of these cookies isn’t as good, but I still liked them. I added 1/4 tsp. salt. I made them lemon by adding the zest of one lemon to the dough and frosting with a lemon butter frosting.

These are lovely, perfectly crisp and crumbly shortbread cookies. I think they might benefit from a pinch of salt, since I used unsalted butter. Make sure to really whip that butter before combining. It is very important to chill the shaped cookies before baking if you are using real butter! I have no doubt some reviewers cookies turned out flat if they skipped this crucial step or didn’t use the proper ingredients. I did bake only for 16 minutes on the top rack in my oven, and they were perfect. I added lemon extract as I was frosting with lemon icing, and in the future I will add lemon zest (and that pinch of salt) or other extracts. Good luck with these cookies, everyone!

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I have been making this exact recipe for years. It is one of our family’s favorites. Very simple, but wonderful. The only thing I do differently is I indent the dough before baking then fill it with a dap of homemade or store bought frosting. I use food coloring to make the frosting green and red for Christmas. Looks and tastes incredible. You can also use jam/jelly.


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