MAC AND CHEESE WITH A TWIST FROM NORMAL – Will Have Your Kids Screaming, “Yes, Please”!

My mom had four kids, her sister had three, and her brother had four.

We all lived in the same small town and we were pretty close in age. So, we always wanted to spend time together. That meant ten kids all under one roof, or in one yard in the summer time. They never had a problem with all of us hanging out together, it did get a little difficult when it came time to feed everyone though. There aren’t many meals out there that are suitable for ten kids. My aunt always did tons of stuff in her slow cooker, mainly because if we were outside, she wanted to be out there too. She loved spending time in the summer sun.

When it was time for lunch or dinner and we came inside to crock pot cheeseburger macaroni, it was a good day for me.

It was my favorite meal that she made for us. It was just like this recipe from Facebook actually. She would pair it up with some nice toasty garlic bread and even a salad at times. I knew when this was going around, there was going to be plenty for everyone!


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