LV3 Acupuncture purpose connected To Easing sleep disorder

The Chinese have been using this practice for centuries and freely share the technique with those who care to learn.

The point commonly known as LV3, or the Great Rushing, is considered to be the “one-stop healing point for all problems,” including insomnia. This point is “situated on the fleshy webbing between the big toe and the second toe, on top of the foot.”
Below is an image of the P6:
P6 is three finger widths above the wrist, between the tendons. K1 can be found “on the bottom of your foot, at the center of the indentation below the ball of your foot.” The recommendation for P6 is to hold it for five minutes and then release. K1 is to be held for 30 seconds, released for five seconds and held again for 30 seconds.
And this would be K1:
Each idea may bring you one step closer to that restful night’s sleep you are looking for. Maybe a little “pressure” in life can be a good thing.

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