Lose 12 Kg In Only 2 Weeks With This Perfect DIET!

Today we will present you a diet plan which is healthy and can help you to lose weight fast.

It doesn’t contain any weight loss supplements, on the contrary, it’s based on fresh and healthy food.  Instead of taking weight loss pills that can have side-effects like diarrhea and nausea, you should try this healthy plan.

If you follow the plan for two weeks, you can lose up to fifteen pounds. It is about adding lemon into your daily diet and balancing the meals. Because of the antioxidants and vitamin C content you will also get other health benefits. You will notice the improvement of the digestive system and skin in no time.

1st Day
Squeeze 1 lemon and combine it with one glass of water. You should drink it three times per day with meals.

2nd Day
Squeeze two lemons and combine it with 50 milliliters of water and divide it into two doses. One dose should be consumed on the morning, before the breakfast and the second after dinner or before going to sleep.

3rd Day
Repeat the method from the 1st day.

4th Day
Repeat the method from the 2nd day.

5th Day
Consume one glass of lemon water before your breakfast. Also, you need to consume green vegetables during the day and before going to sleep you should consume another glass of lemon water.

6th Day:
Repeat the method from the 2nd day.

7th Day
Repeat the complete plan.

You will notice the first results in just 14 days.

Source: unknownremedy.com

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