Little Barn Door for Home Security

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In the news lately, there have been reports of people putting cameras on the outside of peepholes to see into your house/apartment/hotel room. I (Steph) started thinking about the peephole in my front door and possible ways of covering it when not in use.
After much thought, I came up with a DIY solution that is cute, functional, removable and adds a little more security to my home. Mom helped bring the idea into reality and had most of the materials we used in her craft stash! Visit our blog to watch a video of it come together.


Watch the video.

little-barn-door-for-home-security-crafts-doors-home-security (1)little-barn-door-for-home-security-crafts-doors-home-security (2)

We started with five large popsicle sticks. We made a guide to hold the sticks while we duct taped them together.

little-barn-door-for-home-security-crafts-doors-home-security (3)

We measured and cut the sticks to cover the bottom and top. We easily cut through the sticks with scissors. We sanded the edges a little bit and glued the sticks in place.

little-barn-door-for-home-security-crafts-doors-home-security (4)

To make the X pattern on the door, we measured and cut the sticks again. It took a few tries to get the right cut on the sticks, but we had plenty of extra sticks to practice with.

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