Have you ever heard of this before? After Doctor’s Recomendation, She Soaks Cotton Ball In Listerine And Rubs It On Her Armpit

Listerine has a lot more going for it than just making your breath and mouth feel fresh.

Being prepared makes you feel more comfortable and at ease. But not only does it make you feel better, you will also be more ready to tackle any unexpected thing that occurs. Why do you think it’s important to take a first aid kit with you when camping? Because you never know when you’ll need antiseptic or bandages.

But there is actually one household item that most people have in their bathrooms that can offer many more uses than traditionally thought.

Though only advertised as an antiseptic mouthwash, Listerine and other similar products can actually do a lot for you and your health. Check out some of these cool, health conscious tricks that are sure to make life better for you. And besides, you won’t need to carry as many items with you on a trip. Listerine should do the trick. Scroll down to discover these solutions…

You probably didn’t know this, but Listerine was developed more than a century ago. And 100-years later, it still uses the same basic essential oils as its base – eucalyptus, thyme, and menthol.

And if you ever took a close look at the label, you’ll have seen that it says it’s an antiseptic which means it is an antimicrobial substance that can be applied skin or tissue to reduce the possibility of infection, sepsis, or putrefaction.


Because of its antiseptic quality, Listerine has so many more uses than just an effective mouth wash. Here’s some cool alternatives to try.

First, dab some Listerine on a cotton swab and use it as an underarm deodorant. Compared to the chemical solutions that can burn your skin, this simple solution will eliminate odor and kill bacteria under your arms.

Do you have athlete’s foot or any toenail fungus? Then a simple Listerine antiseptic foot wash can do the trick. Simple fill a bucket with some Listerine and soak your stinky feet for about 30 minutes for an easy, effective solution that works better than more expensive options.

Like white vinegar, Listerine can also be used as an effective toilet bowl cleaner. With a quick scrub of the toilet brush, your bowl will be fresh and smelling great.

Because of its antiseptic qualities, Listerine can sooth itchy skin. If you’ve got a bug bite, put some Listerine on a cotton ball and swab away for some instant relief.

Do you have an annoying dandruff problem in your scalp or do you have a flaky beard? Massage some Listerine into the area and wrap with a towel for a few minutes. Then wash your hair as normal for flake-free results. Plus, it smells better than dandruff shampoo.

Does your dog have a flea problem? Yes, Listerine can beat that too. Give your dog a diluted Listerine flea bath or even use the product as a diluted flea spray.

Use Listerine diluted with water in a spray bottle to clean your bathroom mirrors better than Windex.

Listerine has a lot more going for it than just making your breath and mouth feel fresh.



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