In Case You See This Label on Some Fruit, NEVER Buy It! This Is Why!

We all see some labels on the fruits, right? But do you know what they mean? These stickers are info for the item you buy.

To add to the PLU code, or price lookup number on the sticker, this is info about the growth way of the fruit. This code reveals if the item is organic or GMO, pesticide item, with chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and more.

How to recognize what the PLU is:

  • If the sticker has a 5 digit PLU code and the first is 9, it is grown as to the USDA organic standards. And is organic.
  • 4 digit code starting with 3 or 4, means pesticides load. Also it was conventional growth.
  • 5 digit code with 3 as start means the produce is electronically pasteurized or irradiated
  • If the PLU has 5 digits and the first is 8, it is GMO. Sadly organic produce is not made with GMO seeds.
  • If the PLU starts with 6, it was pre-cut.
  • If there is no sticker, then this might be suspicious. If you know the producer, do not worry for the codes. Just see labels.

In case the produce has no stickers, it was not imported and may have been removed for other reasons.

Also, the International Federation for Produce Standards claimed these codes. It is a global organization for giving codes to veggies and fruits and also retail companies use them for products and point of sale codes.

So, next time you want to get fruit and veggies, see the codes and stickers.

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