Kuwait Police Caught Pigeon Smuggling Ecstasy Pills And The Method Involved Is Mind-Blowing!

Remember, how pigeons used to carry letters from one place to another, in the ancient times when technology was not at the peak like today and when we lacked other options.


 All the urgent message exchange and information sharing were on the small little shoulders of these creatures.

But, um, guess what? Letters are now replaced by drugs and ecstasy pills and oh! A lot of them.

Just recently a pigeon has been caught by the Kuwaitian authorities carrying ecstasy pills and smuggling them from Iraq. The poor bird unaware of what it was doing, flew right above the customs building in Kuwait and got caught.

Still, thinking that I’m kidding? Well, I’m not. Read for yourself and find out more about this bizarre incident.

That’s a hand stitched backpack.

That's a hand stitched backpack.

Yes, the pigeon had a hand stitched backpack attached to its back which contained 178 ecstasy pills that were being smuggled from Iraq to Kuwait.

What were the odds?!

What were the odds?!

The Kuwaitian authorities caught this drug smuggler when it flew right over the Kuwait Customs building. Poor bird had no clue, what it was in for.

Well, well.

Well, well.

These birds can carry weight roughly up to ten percent of their body weight and fly for 150 kilometres, at a stretch.

Never thought pigeons could be drug smugglers.

Never thought pigeons could be drug smugglers. 

Lately, pigeons are being used a lot to smuggle drugs since they can fly at a high speed and are hard to get caught. Like, really? Who suspects a pigeon to be a drug smuggler?! Not me, at least.

So, what happens when you see a pigeon next?

So, what happens when you see a pigeon next?

So, next time you see a pigeon, be aware! I’ve warned you, mate.

Love that Pitch. Smells like a blockbuster, already!

Pitch: gritty Pixar movie about naive country bird who moves to the big city and ends up entangled in the affairs of a drug trafficking ring https://twitter.com/CassLowe/status/867343769796042752 

Well, yep. Too much talent.

That can’t be denied.

Police catch a pigeon with 200 ecstasy pills hidden in a little backpack pic.twitter.com/vSB9eYtd84

Source: wittyfeed.com