It’s quick and easy Turn a cheap fan into your own robust home air conditioner

Paying for a new air conditioner is expensive. If you don’t want to (or can’t afford to) foot the bill for central air, you can hack your way to a more comfortable living space with a few tools. This home-made air conditioner will work anywhere you have access to electricity.
You’ll need some basic DIY skill to put this one together, but if you can do it, you’ll have a steady supply of cooler air. It’s worth noting that the air from this isn’t freezing, but it’s cooler and plentiful, according to the video at the end of the article.
For this project you’ll need to get:
2 rolls of 1/4″ copper tubing
2 3-4 foot sections of 3/8″ vinyl tubing
Box Fan
10-pound block of ice
Zip ties
1/4 inch compression unions
1. Lay your fan on the ground face down. Place your copper wire on the back (around where the blades are attached) and gently uncoil into a wide circle (it will naturally uncoil itself mostly). The use zip ties to hold the coil in place.

2. Place your second coil inside the first Then attach the two coils using 1/4 inch compression unions. You’ll connect one to each end of the coils (one inside, one outside)and tighten together. Use zip ties to secure the inner coil to the fan and trim.

3. Attach the open end of your outside coil to your vinyl tubing using compression units. Put your ice in a bucket, lay your tube inside and turn it on. The ice water will circulate through the copper tubing allowing the fan to blow out cold air. Refresh once the water gets too warm.

Other considerations 
If these seems like a little too much work for you a few other things to try include:
-Putting sheets in the freezer a few hours before bed then make your bed and hop onto the cold sheets
-Turn your fans outward so that they blow hot air out the window.
-Create a simpler DIY cooler with a pan filled with ice and a fan, like this one from Apartment Therapy.
-Hang a damp sheet in front of an open window to create a cool breeze, TheToday Show recommends.
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