Overindulged? Here’s How To Improve Digestion After You’ve Overeat

We have all experienced to lose control over some delicious meals and it seems we can’t get enough.

What happens then, is we face some serious physical and health consequences after overeating.

In this case, the following advice and exercises can help you feel much better:

What can you do right after you overeat?


Chew some cucumber, or drink a cucumber tea. It is proved that the cucumber is an effective natural cure against nausea, vomiting, bloating, and abdominal issues. For the most effective results, just take one small peace of cucumber and chew it. If you can’t endure the strong taste of cucumber, you can make a cucumber tea.

Have a glass of mint tea. Mint tea is an all time savior, when we face stomach issues, bloating or cramps.

Or drink some chamomile tea. If you don’t like mint tea, you can substitute with chamomile tea. Chamomile has a sedative properties that will relax both you and your stomach.

Take a walk. The worst thing you can do after you overeat is lay in bed. I understand the strong need to do that, because the whole blood goes in our stomach in order to digest food, and we get sleepy and tired, however you need to fight this. Just take a relaxed walk, since walking will help your body to digest the food better and easier.

6 Yoga Poses For a Better Digestion

As I mentioned above, it is extremely important to overcome the temptation to get in bet right after you overeat. Instead of laying in bead while feeling stomach cramps after that huge meal, get on your feet and do these yoga poses and you will improve your digestion right away.


The day After

Вода со лимон

Start the day with water and lemon. Take a cup of glass and fill it with lukewarm water. Squeeze a lemon in it and drink this. This mix will not only improve your digestion, but it is extremely helpful if you feel bloated.

Don’t skip breakfast! The day after overeating, you probably think that the best thing you can do is skip breakfast. Yet, it is recommended to eat something light, like: banana, some Greek yogurt, a toast bread with a layer of peanut butter or honey, an apple, etc. Don’t punish yourself with starving, because once you skip breakfast, there is a huge possibility that you will overeat again throughout the day.

Drink water. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in order to help your body cope with the extra food.

Stay away from salt. Salt makes the body to keep more water in it, so the bloating increases. If you need to have a salty snack, just take some unsalted nuts, or popcorn.

Eat white rice for lunch. White rice digests very easy in your organism, calms the stomach, and it is extremely good for getting rid of diarrhea (which happens often after you overeat).


source : healthyrecipeshome.com

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