If You Don’t Own Borax, Go Buy It Right Now. It Will Make These 25 Tasks So Much Easier

There are a few items we all know, by now, that we should always have in our homes no matter what: Baking soda. Lemons. Hydrogen peroxide. But the more we learn about homemade cleaners and DIY solutions, the more it’s become clear that there’s one item that more than deserves to join those must-have ranks: Borax! This mineral – also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate – can do SO Much, and we had no idea! What about you? Did you know you can use Borax to . . .

Clean Baseball Caps

Those beloved baseball caps need cleaning, too, and Borax is just the thing to do it. All you have to do is put the hats in the top rack of your dishwasher, fill the detergent cup with Borax, and run a regular cycle.

Save Violin Strings

Use Borax to clean violin strings instead of rehairing

Family more about the music than the sports? Borax can still help! Instead of rehairing the strings of your violin or other string instruments, use a dampened toothbrush and Borax to gently wipe away any built-up gumming or rosin.

Brighten Whites

Even if your clothing isn’t stained and you’re super careful about care, your whites will yellow over time. Bring them back to brightness with a super-powered cleaning solution made of Borax, very hot water, bleach, dish detergent, and your favorite laundry detergent.

Whiten PillowsOur clothing isn’t the only thing that can yellow and grow dingy-looking over time; our pillows do it, too! Since we all sleep better on a pillow that looks and feels clean, whiten yours with a Borax solution like the one you used on your clothes.

Get Rid Of AntsBorax is the main ingredient in tons of ant-killing products, so of course you can use it to make your own overnight ant-infestation solution. Just combine it with warm water and sugar (or honey), soak up the mixture with cotton balls, and leave the balls around your home where you notice the ants.

Deter Mice

Sprinkle Borax along walls to deter mice

Ants aren’t the only creatures who hate Borax. Mice don’t like getting it on their feet, so if you sprinkle it along the walls where they like to run, it’ll keep them from coming back!

Make DIY Dishwasher Tablets

Love the convenience of dishwasher tablets but hate the price-inflated expense? Make your own with an ice cube tray and a DIY solution featuring, of course, Borax.