I Laughed In Plumber’s Face When He Said To Use Kool-Aid. Then I Tried It And It Worked [video]

If you’re like me, you’ll avoid cleaning your toilet until you really have to.

Whether you’re expecting guests or your wife is disgusted with how it looks, cleaning your toilet is often one of those chores that people leave to the last minute. And it makes sense. No one really likes getting dirty cleaning the bowl and rim. Even if you put gloves on, you might feel dirty scrubbing it down.

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I had the same problem as you. And when I was grabbing a beer with my plumber buddy, I confessed this dislike to him. As someone who has seen countless toilets in his day, he decided to give me some free advice. And after I tried it and saw how well it worked, I thought that AWM readers deserved to know it too.

Not only does this DIY Kool-Aid trick help your toilet look cleaner, it also makes it smell better, too. But that’s not the only trick we’ll share in this post. Keep reading to discover more ways to keep your toilet squeaky clean!

If your toilet has buildup under the rim, you need to try this. Grab some paper towel or toilet paper and soak them with white vinegar. Stuff the rolled up wads up under the toilet rim and let them sit there for a few minutes.

While you’re waiting, scrub the rest of the toilet bowl with vinegar. This will help break away the hard-water deposits and other mineral buildup. When you’re cleanup is complete, simply flush your toilet once or twice. The wads of paper should go right down the drain.

If you’ve clogged the toilet and don’t have a plunger handy, this next tip is for you. First, place a towel around the toilet bowl to protect against overflow. Then squeeze a cup of dish soap into the toilet bowl. It will sink to the bottom of the water – that’s good. Then pour as much hot water down the drain as you possibly can. But don’t let it overflow with this step.

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Now let the toilet’s bubble bath simmer for about 20 minutes. When you check on it again, the water level should have gone down. But before you flush, repeat the steps with more soap and hot water. After another 20 minutes, flush and your drain should be unclogged.

Hard water stains don’t stand a chance against Kool-Aid. If you have a packet of this fruity beverage lying around your kitchen, bring it into your bathroom for this hack. Sprinkle the unsweetened Kool-Aid around your toilet bowl and rim. Let it sit for an hour. When you get back, it will look like a party drink, but refrain from taking a sip. Then just brush and flush.

Your toilet brush is a source of germs and bacteria. And you probably don’t want to wash it in your sink. Here’s a trick to keep it clean. Pour Pine Sol in the bottom of the brush holder. This all-purpose cleaner will kill germs while you’re not even using the toilet brush.

Do you think these toilet hacks are useful for your bathroom?

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