How to Shrink Your Big Open Pores without Going to the Dermatologist

We all have pores, which provide natural oils so our skin can stay smooth and hydrated. They also perform other functions, including eliminating toxins in our bodies. But our pores can get clogged and dilated, causing them to expand. If you have normally oily skin, your pores are more open than those with dry skin. You’ll notice that your skin looks like an orange peel with small pits, giving your face a dimpled or textured appearance. This can make you look older and your skin dull.
You can always go to a dermatologist to help you with your open pores or you can put ice on your face. But here are even better ways to minimize those pores, so your skin looks smooth again:

1. Ice
As mentioned, you can use ice on your face to tighten your pores. Just rub ice on your skin for at most 20 seconds. You can put the ice cubes in a cloth to avoid the mess. This should be done twice a day at least. Alternatively, wash your face with cold water in the morning and in the evening.
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