How to make a DIY backless bra

If you balk at paying high prices for a backless bra that you’ll use only once every six months, or you need a little more support than strapless and backless stick-on cups can provide, this DIY trick from YouTube fashion and makeup vlogger Ray Lee might be your salvation. You’ll need to do a little hand-stitching, but nothing that requires any kind of sewing expertise.

What makes this project so inexpensive is that you repurpose one of your old bras – and most women have several former favorites that have fallen out of rotation and are now lining the backs of their undergarment drawers. As Lee shows in her step-by-step video, you simply snip off the side panels, leaving only the cups and straps intact. Then you reposition the straps and stitch them to the bottom of the cups. 

The key here is using a bra with adjustable straps, as well as molded cups and secure underwires. The underwires will help the bra firmly hold its shape after you reattach the straps; nonwired cups will likely stretch beyond recognition – and beyond usefulness. Lee gives a great tip if you need extra support: Line the inside of the cups with fashion tape for more overall support. This kind of tape is double-sided with an adhesive that sticks safely to both your skin and the fabric, holding the fabric in place.

Lee does caution users that this DIY bra “is probably not best if you’re going to be moving around a ton,” but it certainly is worth a try.

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