How To Know If Your Body Tolerate Alcohol, Glute, Milk And Sugar? On The Face Can Recognize Immediately

The skin is your body’s largest and fastest growing organ.

This organ is actually the mirror of our health – it expresses how we eat and our lifestyle habits. Well, the unhealthy foods and the intolerance to certain products are usually responsible for the appearance of some skin problems, especially on your facial skin.


The famous doctor, Nigma Talib will represent these infographics to you. This infographic will show you the consequences and the actual form of 4 face types, depending on what kind of food you eat and what kind of food is unsuitable for you and your body.

Nigma Talib is a doctor which represent this infographics that reveals the consequences and the form of four types of the face, depending on what you eat and which products are unsuitable for your body.



The most common signs and symptoms of people who are alcohol intolerant or consume excessive amounts of alcohol are: enlarged pores, red cheeks, dehydrated skin, expressed wrinkles between the eyebrows, prominent lines under the nose, etc.

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Wine Face

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