How to Clean your Microwave & Garbage Disposal

I just have a quick task for you today.  We are going to be learning how to clean the microwave and garbage disposal easily using natural cleaners!  All you need is a lemon or two, a microfiber cloth, and a few minutes!

Fill a microwave safe bowl with about a cup of water and squeeze the juice of one lemon.  Place in your microwave on high for 5-10 minutes. Once it is done, give it an extra little spritz of water and wipe it down with your microfiber cloth {starting on the top} to remove all of that baked on grime.  If there is an area that needs a little extra scrub try giving it a squirt with vinegar or rub a little baking soda mixed with water on it {I rarely need to do this}.

Source: cleanandscentsible

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