Do You Know How Cashews Are Grown? You Are Going To Be Surprised!

Cashews are good for you in small (sensible) servings. They contain a variety of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – and let’s face it they taste delicious! In the United States, we can buy cashews or cashew milk.

They are low in fiber, but that is the only ‘fault’ of the cashew! Have you ever wondered how cashews grow? Some nuts grow on trees (walnuts and brazil nuts) or underground, like peanuts.

Vicki Nunn / Wikimedia

Well, cashews do come from trees – but grow out of what is called a cashew apple. There it is – that yellow squash-like object is a cashew apple, and the cashew nuts will grow out of the bottom of it (those green objects).

Abhishek Jacob / Wikimedia

Did you know that the apple is known as the “accessory fruit?” It is called that because we (humans) don’t eat it.

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Since cashews grow out of the cashew apple, they are technically seeds (not nuts). But, that doesn’t change the fact that they are sweet, creamy and delicious! In some parts of the world, people eat the cashew apple.

Vinayaraj / Wikimedia

They can be added to curries, made into jams or juices. They are even fed to livestock. The outer layer of the cashew is toxic – so cashews are roasted to make them edible.

Eric Gaba / Wikimedia

So, now you know how cashews grow!

Femto / Wikimedia

Now, you can share this information with your friends, and you will look smarter! Wonder where you have to go to find cashew jam. I have never heard of that!

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