How Aluminium Foil Heals Your Body

Aluminum foil is not suitable for cooking, but we should not throw it. The adepts of unconventional medicine in Russia and China believe that it has healing properties. If you are struggling with neck pain, back pain, shoulders pain or joints pain, aluminum foil is “medicine”.Wrap the painful area and you’ll feel better in short time, the researches say.

   How does it work? One explanation refers to bioenergy. The human body contains cells that are intertwined with the energy field of the Earth. If this field is deformed, the flow of energy that goes to source cells can be disrupted. Consequently, the aluminum foil allows the store of energy that will travel in a properly way because the earth meridians. These specific meridians are channels that allow vital energy to circulate throughout the body.

So take a piece of aluminum foil, place it on the painful area and tie it with a bandage. Aluminium foil is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Therefore it can treat rheumatism. Wrap your legs and wrists with aluminium foil and repeat the operation for a week. Depending on the result that you will get, take a break and repeat the procedure until the pain will disappear.

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