Hooters Buffalo Wings

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1.These wings were fantastic ! My husband never had buffalo wings before so the other night I made these…needless to say I will have to double the recipe the next time. The only change I made was that I baked them instead of frying. I’ve always done my wings this way…you can’t tell the difference. Lightly spray Pam on a jellyroll pan, line up the wings and refrigerate…use the same pan to bake them at 400 degrees for 35-40 min. turning once after 20 min. or so.

2.Great wing recipe !! I’ve been asked over and over for it. I use boneless chicken and cut them in small portions to fry.

3.These were just fantastic for our Super Bowl party. I left the wings in the flour batter (and just put the bag and all in the fridge) Put all the cooked wings in a casserole dish, poured the sauce over them and baked them slowly. OMG!!! They were so good. I will have to make them for my boss who goes to Hooters once a week for wings… THESE ARE BETTER!

4.i fixed these wings last night and they were great the only change i made was instead of coating them in the hot sauce mixture i dropped them in the pan i was simmering the mixture in and left them there while fryng the rest of the wings then put those in for a few min.


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