Honey Roasted Whole Butternut Squash

Sweet & buttery, this vitamin and mineral rich honey roasted butternut squash is the perfect kid friendly side dish for any meal!

There is something about the smell of roasted butternut squash wafting in the air that makes it feel like fall. We’ve created a butternut squash recipe your family will love. Filled with fall spices, honey, and butter, this easy to make roasted butternut squash recipe will have your family running to the table.

Squash is something my kids have always taken to because they have had it since they were very young, but what about those big kids?It’s still a vegetable, right?! Kids are just notorious for pointing that out and making sure you know that they know it!

So how do we introduce squash to kids that have never had it before? Here are some ideas! (superhealthykids.com)

  • Make it fun. Let them pick out the squash at the farmer’s market or store.
  • Let them help you prep it. Let them get their hands in the middle and scoop out the seeds. Let them smear the butter all over! And put the squash on non-stick baking mats.
  • A little drizzle of honey never hurt any! My kids will try just about anything if there is a promise of a little honey. A small drizzle isn’t going to sugar spike them, and quality honey has many nutritional benefits anyway. I might suggest that if you have super little ones – as in under age 3 or 4, this is probably unnecessary. Butternut squash in particular is super sweet on it’s own, and it’s best to just keep those palates super low key as long as you can on those little ones.

To Make this Recipe You’Il Need the following ingredients:


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