If You Mix A Little Salt And Olive Oil, You Will Not Feel Pain The Next 5 Years

A really painful and frustrating condition could be the neck Osteochondrosis. It could be treated with natural ingredients, as it is not incurable or deadly.

You would be kept save from headaches for five years with this given simple home remedy.

You need:

  • Ten tablespoons of high-quality salt
  • 20 tbs of unrefined olive or sunflower oil


There has been no need of any special effort for the remedy to be made. You just have to combine both ingredients in a glass container. You should seal it well and after two days, a lightly colored remedy you would have.


It is being preferred that the remedy should be applied on the affected area in the morning. It has to be rubbed into your skin. You could start off with w2-3 minutes if you could not bear the pressure, and then the time should be increased gradually. The performance of 20 minutes of the massaging phase is being just enough, said by experts. Afterwards, only wipe it off with a damp towel.

A slight irritation could be gotten on your skin. By applying a baby powder, the unpleasant feeling would be relieved.

Your circulation and muscle regeneration in your cartilage and bone tissues would be stimulated within 10 days by this remedy.

Your headache would be gone for good, after this treatment is being applied. A great vision and a proper blood flow, you would be getting. Your metabolism would have reached its highest peak, as your body would be free of toxins. After the massage, you might be feeling a bit dizzy, but it sure is paid off. Without any side effects, amazing results will be gotten.

 Source: healthylifetricks.com

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