8 Home Remedies For Bronchitis

Winter is fast approaching. This time of year, people are more prone to respiratory ailments like bronchitis, in which the lining of the bronchial tubes that carry air to and from the lungs become inflamed.

According to Mayo Clinic, acute bronchitis is often the result of a cold or other respiratory infection. Acute bronchitis can be minor, but it can become severe and even life-threatening. Here’s what you can do to treat bronchitis at home.
1. Water. It sounds simple, but drinking 1 glass of water every 2 hours can help thin mucus and open the bronchial tubes, says Dr. Axe.
2. Home-made vapor rub. The cooling effects of a vapor rub can work wonders on a case of bronchitis. Dr. Axe recommends making one at home from 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1/4 cup grated Bees wax (available at health foods stores), 20 drops peppermint essential oil, and 20 drops eucalyptus essential oil. To make the home remedy pour the olive oil, coconut oil, and Bees wax into a jar. Heat a sauce pan with 2 inches water over medium-low heat. Place the jar in the sauce pan. When the oils melt, stir to combine. Let the combination cool and add the essential oils. Pour into storage containers and allow the home remedy to set.
3. Steam. Best Health Magazine recommends simply leaning over a bowl of steam treated with a few drops of eucalyptus or pine essential oil. This works because eucalyptus is an anti-bacterial that softens the mucus in obstructed airways, while pine oil is an expectorant that brings up and get rid of phlegm.
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