Holy Moly! It’s An Easy, Pleasy, Cheesy Gnocchi Casserole Recipe!

This cheesy gnocchi bake is comfort food at its finest. Mom used to make gnocchi when we were kids, and while we didn’t often have it as much as we had other pasta, it’s always pretty special when it’s being served in front of us. I have always loved the texture of gnocchi. And it hasn’t changed until now. My husband is in love with gnocchi too. My mother-in-law often cooked gnocchi for them and made them work for it actually. She really is a bit of a tough woman, isn’t she?

But I think that’s what made his children grow up the way they did. They’re all pretty decent people. When you meet my husband’s siblings, you will know how good they were brought up by their parents. Anyway, back to gnocchi. My husband admitted he never had the patience in making them when he was a kid, but he always had the enthusiasm to eat them. Why am I not surprised?
This cheesy gnocchi bake recipe from The DIY Mommy gives us another version that tastes as good as our mothers. What’s good about this recipe is that it’ also easier to make. You will have your gnocchi bake ready to eat and enjoy in no time! If you want a copy of this recipe, don’t hesitate to flip on over to the next page! It has the complete list of ingredients and instructions! Enjoy!

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