What Are Hives? Symptoms and Treatment

Hives or also called urticaria is a condition where an itchy rash suddenly develops caused by an allergic reaction. They can appear anywhere in the body, including the face, lips, tongue, throat, or ears.  Small raised areas called weals look like mild blisters and they are itchy. Each weal is white or red and is usually surrounded by a small red area of skin which is called a flare. The weal and flare rash of urticaria is similar to the rash caused by a nettle sting.

According to the dermatologist Jelena Stefekov, the rush is caused by the release of inflammation mediators, especially histamine. The cells which histamine releases are called mast cells and are caused by the allergens found in food

“Allergic reactions can be caused by seafood, shellfish and fish, peanuts, cashews, processed food, strawberries, antibiotics, or any other thing that we consume”, says Dr. Jelena.

Hives lasting less than a week are known to be acute. But, if they last longer than a week than they are chronic.2

Hives Symptoms

The rash is made up of raised marks in the skin, known as hives. They range in size from a few millimeters to the size of a hand. The weals usually fade after 30 minutes or sometimes after 36 hours. However, as some fade away, others may appear. They usually develop around the eyes and mouth, and rarely on hands and toes.

Hives Treatment

Antihistaminic therapy is a common treatment for hives. Antihistamines block the action of histamine which is involved in causing urticaria. It is always recommended a protein free diet because proteins can worsen the condition. You should seek emergency help if you feel your throat is swelling or if you`re having trouble breathing, advices Dr. Jelena.

source : justnaturallife.com