Hilarious Photos Of 17 People Whose Nickname Is Fail

Life will bring you many fails, but there are a few chances where you will nail that fail. Failures may be hard to accept, but in the end, we can always learn from them. We either learn to do it better next time or not to repeat the fail again. I would say the first one is probably true. You will probably find yourself in some of the situations below. You tried, you failed, you suffered the consequences…you learned, right?

These people failed like real professionals.

1. Your bike lock will never be stolen from here. You nailed it!



2. When you wanted to be a surfer, but they brought the wrong equipment.



3. Oops forgot the cheese, here you go!



4. These are the consequences of failure. The chair is IKEA, but that didn’t help either.



5. Wearing your headphones like this on the subway can strike up a fight. Be careful!

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