Here’s Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side (Backed by Science)

On which side do you mull over your body regularly?

Do you have trouble in choosing the best position for you to rest? Not so many people have known the response to that inquiry, but for some has been leaked back nodding off in a bad position. Would you be feeling on your back more refreshed? Or has it been better for you to lay on your stomach? According to specialists, the best side would have been the left side.


The mulling over our left side, might have been the perfect approach given for the rest that your body needed, has been clarified by Dr.John Douillard. We would present you here a few reasons why is the best side for the rest has been apparently the left side.


Too much pressure has been put on the upper back and hips by sleeping on your back, which in the long run has been dangerous because it has been left your lower back in a suspended state, according to Joint Essential. While both your lower back and your neck would be strained when sleeping on your stomach. However, sleeping on your side has been the best as the optimal air flow to the lungs is being provided, said by WebMD.

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1.Spine and breathing

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