Her Daughter Has Been Asking Her Odd Questions. When She Checks The Kid’s Phone, That’s When She Realizes Something Is Wrong

A mom was surprised when her daughter was asking her questions about words she wasn’t supposed to say. When she checked her daughter’s questions, she found disturbing messages from a man. Now, she knew why her daughter was going through. Read on for more.

Gill Turner’s daughter, Millie-Grace, came home from school one day and immediately asked Gill if it was “ever OK for a man to call someone a n*****?” Gill, who’s completely aghast, didn’t know what to say and had no idea where her daughter, who’s only twelve and autistic, got it from.

So, Gill went through Millie-Grace’s phone and discovered a series of text messages that completely blew her away. Gill, who’s 47 years old, found out that the text were sent by a man named Dean Sheridan.



Apparently, Millie-Grace got into a petty fight with one of the girls in her school. After she came home, she received messages by Sheridan. He’s the father of the girl she had an argument with.

In the messages, Sheridan managed to insult the Turners in every way possible. He called the mom a “bike,” whatever that meant, the daughter’s father a “raghead,” and then said that he’s “100% white and proud.”


Metro/MercuryThe Metro reports that Sheridan, who’s 36 years old, confessed to sending those messages. He claimed that the reason behind doing it was that Millie-Grace was constantly calling his daughter, who was at home nursing a broken leg.

Millie-Grace responded to Sheridan on her own, saying: “Your grammar is incorrect,” and “Sir, I think it’s time you paid for English lessons.”

Then, Sheridan texted: “Pass my number onto your dad then ill [sic] bully him ok ttfn.” To which Millie-Grace replied: “I would, but he doesn’t deal with illiterate people.”

Gill, who’s from Manchester, said that Millie-Grace has autism. One of her habits is to correct other people’s grammar. However, she wanted to clarify that she wasn’t being rude by doing so.

Mother Turner said, “My daughter had been messaging this girl and she had been messaging back, but this man got hold of his daughter’s phone [to get Millie-Grace’s number] and in the space of one day she had received 17 text messages from him.”

She continued, “He threatened me and Millie’s dad with physical violence. I texted him and said I had saved the messages and that I would be reporting it to the police. I’ve put up with this kind of racism my whole life but my children haven’t developed the skills to brush it off yet.”

Sheridan tried to defend himself and said, “Yes, I made some racial remarks regarding it, but I’m not going to take any of this regarding my daughter anymore.”

Gill added, “You just don’t expect that behavior from a grown adult.”

Source: Metro/Mercury Press

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