Heartwarming, Soul-Pleasing Hearty Amish-Inspired Friendship Soup

Hello, everyone! I have a darling little recipe for you all to chew on today. Maybe some of you have heard of it before but in these parts of Pennsylvania we like to call it “Amish friendship Soup.” Well, that’s what they call it, I’m still a Michigander at heart. LOL My mom used to make this soup, too so maybe it’s a Mennonite thing as well because it was quite popular in my church amongst the ladies. Anyway, this soup is very easy to make and you have the ability to add in any kind of veggies that you would like. Plus, the ingredients are all dried so there really isn’t any chopping or dicing in this recipe. Don’t you just love easy recipes?

With this recipe for Homemade Amish Friendship Soup, you can either prepare a delicious, classically Amish soup for your family to enjoy for supper, or you can put together a dry soup mix in a jar to gift to someone special as a gift. What’s so great about Amish friendship recipes is that they allow you to prepare some of your favorite dishes in an easily shareable form, so that others can make the same meals you love in their own kitchens. -Recipe Lion

Recipe and photo courtesy of Recipe Lion.

Quick Tip: Add other vegetables such as carrots, celery, onions to the soup.


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