Heartbroken Owners Wake Up To See Their Dog’s Throat Slit From Side To Side

Yes, the dog in the picture had his throat sliced open at his home last week in Ooralea, Australia.

It happened over the weekend, at night. The Pomeranian, Chewy, was outside in the yard when an unknown assailant slit his throat! Who does that to a dog?! Carrie Ison, Chewy’s owner, was inside the house asleep at the time of the incident.

Chewy survived the attack and is currently undergoing further treatments. Ison went on Facebook to warn other pet owners to keep their dogs inside – especially at night to prevent similar tragedies. People with any information about who may have attacked Chewy are being asked to contact their local police.


Chewy needs justice and the person responsible needs to be punished. Too many people are taking out their anger on the innocent and making the world a scary place. Get well soon, Chewy.

source : relayhero.com


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